Building & Construction Forecasting & Consultancy Division

We work with some of the most knowledgable people in the industry to provide our clients off-the-shelf forecast publications, customised research, forecasts and data.


Construction Outlook

Construction Outlook provides the most comprehensive forecasting service available to the industry
and is an essential planning tool
for all involved in GB construction. Its detailed building and civil engineering forecasts are unavailable elsewhere, while its concise and easily read analysis make it the most user-friendly of forecasts.

Construction Outlook is used by contractors, housebuilders, building materials and products companies, consulting engineers, architects, business consultants and financiers.

• Housing Public and private starts, completions and output.

• Infrastructure Water & sewerage, electricity, rail, roads, harbours & waterways, gas, communications & air.

• Public non-housing Education, health, offices, entertainment, miscellaneous.

• Industrial Factories, warehouses, other.

• Commercial Offices, shops, entertainment, health, other.
Repair & Maintenance Public and private housing, and non-housing output.

The annual subscription fee for Construction Outlook is £335. This includes four issues: January, April, July and October. A single issue is available for £190. To place an order, go to the orders page or contact us by phone.

Construction Outlook

Construction Regions is the most comprehensive, reliable, and user-friendly regional construction forecast available. It provides three years of forecast data (current year plus two) for all the regions of Great Britain.

For each region there is a comprehensive set of forecasts, supported by a concise piece of analysis highlighting the major factors affecting construction over the next few years. This analysis is supported by charts, showing recent and expected key trends, and a host of related and historical data.

The regions covered include:

Yorkshire & Humberside
North East
North West
West Midlands
East Midlands
South East (ex London)
South West

The construction forecasts include:
Public Housing, Private Housing, Infrastructure, Public Non-Housing, Industrial, Commercial.

Supporting data includes:
construction sub-sector orders, housing starts, completions, stock, prices and transactions, property rents, planned projects, availability etc.

The subscription fee for Construction Regions is £435. This includes two issues, starting with the May or November issue. Each issue includes forecasts and analysis for all 11 regions of Great Britain. Single issues of Construction Regions are available for £250.

To request a copy of the publication or receive more information please send us an email


Consultancy includes:

• Regional housebuilding and market forecasts: Specific forecasts of housebuilding by type of dwelling and region, together with a detailed analysis of factors driving the market.

• Major infrastructure projects: Details of major projects out-to-tender and planned, together with the outlook for similar projects over the medium-term.

• Analysis of major contractor and facilities management companies: Recent financial performance accompanied by commentary of specific company performance and market strengths.

• Detailed building market forecasts: Analysis and forecasts of activity in the law & order, defence, hotel, and PFI markets.

• Infrastructure market forecasts.

• Analysis and forecasts of new work and renewals activity in the rail, gas, electricity supply, water, telecoms and waterways sectors.

• County property markets: Forecasts and analysis of commercial building in various GB counties.

• Commercial fit-out and refurbishment markets: Corporate & market analysis, and forecasts of the office and retail fit-out markets.

We also specialise in providing difficult-to-find construction market data. Examples include contract/orders data by region and size band, county construction data and forecasts, specific housing market information and floorspace data.

To request a copy of the publication or receive more information please send us an email